Jean Chaney

                                                               BSW, MSW, AMHSW





Hill Top Counselling Centre is a private counselling practice, providing friendly and professional therapy & counselling. 

Jean is an experienced therapist and Accredited Mental Health Social Worker. AMHSW's are registered providers with Medicare Australia. They have ben assessed on behalf of the Commonwealth Government by the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) as having specialist mental health expertise in the assessment and treatment of mental health conditions 

As an experienced mental health clinician I have a special interest in anxiety disorders and depression. My therapeutic position is recovery focused and strengths based. I also have specialized training in domestic violence, stress management, and family and parenting issues.
Mental Health Social Workers are trained to help individuals not only to resolve their psychological problems, but to consider the social context of the problem. This may include; family problems, work issues, study, physical illness, parenting issues, relationship issues, life crises, and grief and loss. 

Why choose an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker?

Accredited Mental Health Social Workers have a breadth of experience in the assessment and treatment of individuals with mental health disorders. AMHSW's can help you with any of the following issues


      Depression  & other  Mood disorders          Anxiety disorders         Personality disorders         Relationship problems 

      Adjustment  disorders        Domestic Violence         Parenting issues         Family conflict                 Grief & Loss   

     Trauma         Life Crises         Psychosis         Suicidal Thoughts         Family Carer Issues   

Accredited Mental Health Social Workers are experts in assessing and considering the broader implications of mental health problems. Environmental, financial, cultural, and other social factors can be stressors that may initiate, maintain, and exacerbate psychological distress.


AMHSW's are highly experienced in working collaboratively with you and your family, and also other health care providers. Medicare rebates for treatment under the Medicare Better Access Program can also include partners, family members, or group therapy.       

Are You eligible For a Medicare Rebate?  


YES  If you are referred by your GP or Psychiatrist on a Mental health Treatment Plan 



To make an appointment or have a confidential discussion please contact me by phone or email 


                                          0414 293 234