At Hill Top we specialise in  both counselling and hypnotherapy. We offer an integrative approach to counselling depending upon your unique requirements. Hypnotherapy is a proven method of helping individuals to create rapid and positive changes in many areas including; weight management, stress management, improved performance, increased motivation, cease smoking and phobias, anxiety and many other issues.  


Hill Top Centre is a peaceful and very private practice located in the Perth hills. My confidential hypnotherapy and counselling services are focused on helping people to make positive and lasting changes in their lives.


Hill Top centre offers modern integrative methods of therapy. By combining clinical hypnosis and  psychotherapy it is possible to address the unique experiences of the individual. Integrative therapy is a very personalized approach to the complexities of being human. it is also a collaborative process where the client feels empowered to make choices.


My individualized approach appeals most to those individuals who desire to actively participate in learning new skills and achieve personal goals. 


Clinical hypnotherapy is a specialised service which can be very effective for many issues


Life coaching is also a separate service for goal achievement and many areas of personal improvement. 


Whatever issue you are struggling with, my focus is to help you to achieve a greater sense of wellbeing, self control and life purpose. 

I am happy to answer any questions about hypnotherapy or counselling services. Please email or phone for a free confidential consultation. 

Counselling Hypnotherapy and life coaching can also be provided by Skype or Zoom if you are unable to attend in person.



Is a safe and natural method that can assist you to make many positive changes  including;  

                       Weight management     Anxiety     Lack of motivation

                       Cease smoking     Stress management       Insomnia

                      Improved study habits       Phobias and fears   Depression

                     Exam anxiety      Procrastination    Pain management    


                     Individual Counselling

Many people find individual counselling helpful in dealing with  relationship or personal issues. Counselling can also be helpful before or after hypnotherapy for emerging issues that are more relational or emotional in nature.


​                             Life Coaching

 Life coaching alone can be very helpful in achieving specific goals for personal growth and development. It can be helpful by itself or as a follow up to either individual counselling or hypnotherapy. 


                          Personal growth ​             Personal development 


                                            Health                                                        Wellbeing


                        Calm                          Achieve goals

                         Improve relationships                       Self confidence 

                               Happiness                                                             Self esteem 

                                                           Healthy lifestyle




                                                  0414 293 234 

           Hill Top Centre   


                    0414 293 234 

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