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Hypnotherapy is the combined use of hypnosis and psychotherapy to bring about rapid and lasting positive changes in thoughts, emotions, and behaviour .

There are many myths about hypnosis which are totally inconsistent with modern forms of hypnosis, such as Ericksonian hypnotherapy.  


Not to be confused with stage hypnosis which is a form of entertainment. Hypnotherapy is the practice of clinical hypnosis combined with therapeutic interventions to bring about lasting positive changes. All hypnosis is essentially self hypnosis, and the therapist does not control the client or make them do things against their will. Modern hypnotherapy is essentially a collaborative process between you and the therapist who work with you to achieve your goals for therapy.


The client is the one who determines the therapy goals, and the client can easily choose to end the session at any time. The client is not asleep and is actually in a heightened state of awareness which makes learning new skills much more effective. The process of  clinical hypnosis creates a relaxed state of focused attention whereby the client is more able to participate in new learning, and make positive changes rapidly and effectively for maximum therapeutic benefit. Most people really enjoy the experience of hypnosis and find the process very pleasant and relaxing 


Modern hypnosis is rapidly acquiring some solid research into its effectiveness in helping with many problems, including physical and psychological issues. 





Therapeutic Counselling helps people to achieve positive changes in their emotions, thoughts, and behavior. 


Modern counselling methods include models like ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy), Solution Focused Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and Interpersonal Therapy.


These are strengths based brief models of intervention which normally involve weeks, rather than years of therapy. Strengths based therapies  are inherently optimistic approaches which assume that people with problems are 'stuck' rather than 'broken'.


The focus of counselling is goal driven and future orientated. The role of the counsellor is to work collaboratively with the client to build essential skills, and to empower them to begin to take charge of their own lives.

Counselling may involve individuals, couples or even families.

                                                     Life Coaching 


Life coaching is an increasingly popular service for people who simply want to make positive changes in their life without the need for counselling or other forms of therapy.


For instance, people might come to coaching for help with clarifying life goals, finding work/life balance, improving interpersonal skills, improving relationship skills, improving parenting skills, or even how to improve one's dating success. 


These are all strength based skills and your coach can help you to set goals and really focus on what is important to you as an individual.


Some parents engage a coach to help them become more effective in parenting. Other people might seek the services of a coach to help to improve their personal relationships. Coaching is a collaborative process between you and the coach who will help you to clarify and achieve your personal goals. 




No referral needed for counselling or hypnotherapy. However if you have any serious health issues that might impact on receiving hypnosis, please obtain a clearance from your medical practitioner first.

Hypnotherapy-  Single session       $150

Hypnotherapy - Subsequent sessions  $100

Weight Management Program - 4 sessions  - $420

Stop Smoking Program - 1 session - $300 

(Please call to discuss fees for other services) 

*** Payment is due on or before the first session ........ Payment by cash, bank transfer or Eftpos



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