Jean Chaney

                                                                              Clinical Hypnotherapist


                                                                              Life Coach


As a qualified Social Worker I have over 20 years experience as a mental health clinician in the public health system. I am also a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a member of (AHA) the largest hypnotherapy association in Australia  which represents only professional hypnotherapists. 


During my career I have trained as a nurse, a midwife, a mental health nurse, a counsellor, a social worker, and a life and wellness coach. I have studied extensively to enhance my skills by adding other clinical approaches to my work. I trained in clinical hypnosis when I realised that people could be helped more effectively by integrating therapeutic methods, and combining these in an individual approach. The combined use of psychotherapy with hypnosis is called hypnotherapy. This is a highly effective way of helping people to achieve positive and lasting changes in their life. Hypnotherapy greatly enhances one's ability to change negative beliefs and behaviours relatively quickly, eliminating the need for lengthy periods of counselling or therapy .


Many people really want to make positive changes in their lives but often don't know how to start the process. Embarking on the path to change can be a very daunting experience without some encouragement and support. An experienced therapist can help you to move forward in a respectful and caring way. My approach is very future orientated and the main emphasis will be on your strengths not weaknesses.


One's personal life history is very important and should always be respected and acknowledged. However "People don't come to therapy to change their past, but to change their future" (Milton Erickson). Hypnotherapy is an excellent way of helping people to make positive changes relatively quickly. It provides the context for acquiring new skills and for utilizing your hidden strengths, resulting in a new found sense of confidence and personal empowerment.  




 Master of Social Work (Curtin)                                                                               

 Bachelor Social Work  (UWA)                                                                                                                           

 Grad Dip Human Services (Curtin)

 BA Applied Science (Nursing) (Curtin)    


 Diploma Clinical Hypnosis & Strategic Psychotherapy (IAP)


Diploma Clinical Hypnosis    (AAH)                                                                                   

Certificate Clinical Hypnosis (AAH)                                                                                                                             


(American Hypnosis Association) Certified Specialist:    


Weight Loss Hypnosis

Trauma Recovery 

Smoking Cessation                                                                                                                                                     


 Clinical Hypnotherapist Advanced  (ICBCH)                                                                                          


 Wellness Coaching Level 1              

 Cert 1V Assessment & Training


           Hill Top Centre   


                    0414 293 234 

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